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Michigan EPIC is an educational technology project currently focused on the social sciences. A feasibility study for Michigan EPIC was funded in part by the Michigan Department of Education who recognized the need for an electronic, Internet-based, distance learning website that supplies hard to find social science resources and offers pre-service and practicing teachers material to re-educate themselves in new areas targeted by the Department of Education. This initiative is intended to provide materials for teachers and students to achieve the new social studies learning goals set by the state in the Michigan Curriculum Framework and the federal government in Goals 2000.

Michigan EPIC is designed to both enrich the K-12 social studies discipline and provide Michigan citizens with vast, primary and secondary resources, rare and authentic material (like diaries, documents, photographs, and films), recreated historical environments, interactives and animated visuals.

Michigan EPIC has been involved in several projects for the Michigan Department of Education:

- Social Studies History Themes
The History Themes Project is an effort to create for Michigan teachers and students a reasonable and valid selection of important events, people, and ideas for United States History.

- Michigan Technology Literacy Grant
Teaching economics and civics through interactive web and CD-ROM-based materials.

- Michigan Educator Forum
A resource for educators to discuss the MEAP and Michigan Curriculum Framework.

For more information contact:
Linda Williams, Director

Technical Contact:
Howard Wright, Technical Director