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Each of the items below has been constructed for early elementary or later elementary students. This page includes:

  1. You Be The Judge
  2. Where Is The Green Gold?
  3. Create Your Own Core Democratic Values Notebook
  4. Keeper Of The Light - Elizabeth Whitney Williams
  5. A Freeway Story - Compromising For The Common Good
  6. The Flint Sit-Down Strike
  7. Tough Times, Tough Governors
  8. Interactive Dictionary

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You Be The Judge, an interactive threaded storybook for elementary students teaches core democratic values such as Pursuit of Happiness, Private Property Rights, and other Constitutional Rights. Help the kids decide how best to keep a treasured tree that is in danger of being cut down. Children can make several decisions throughout the story which will effect the final outcome. CLICK HERE TO VIEW EDUCATOR MATERIALS FOR THIS STORY

YBTJ Graphic
You Be The Judge

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Where Is The Green Gold, an interactive storybook that follows Tom Cobb on a voyage to a lumbering camp in the late 1800's. Here he gets a taste of authentic lumbering life and ultimately gets to take a ride out to see the entire logging process. Click on the title below to view the story. CLICK HERE TO VIEW EDUCATOR MATERIALS FOR THIS STORY

Where Is The Green Gold?

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Create Your Own Core Democratic Notebook, an interactive activity that teaches our main democratic values such as Equality, Equal Protection, Free Speech, Free Inquiry, Protest, General Welfare, Majority Rule, Minority Rights and Common Good. Students see a series of four cartoons which show a democratic right being violated then are asked to draw the fifth scene which should show how the child has experienced the given Democratic Value in their lives. CLICK HERE TO VIEW EDUCATOR MATERIALS FOR THIS STORY

Create You Own Notebook

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Keeper of the Light, a biography of Elizabeth Whitney Williams, follows the life of Michigan's first female lighthouse keeper. Threre are two versions of the story online, one with interactivity and one without. CLICK HERE TO VIEW EDUCATOR MATERIALS FOR THIS STORY

Keeper Of The Light

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A Freeway Story, tells the tale of a community near Detroit that is dealing with the construction of a new freeway which will go through their city. What power do the citizens have to change the plans of the government? What will be the best compromise to the needs of the citizens vs. the needs of the Common Good? CLICK HERE TO VIEW EDUCATOR MATERIALS FOR THIS STORY

A Freeway Story

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Flint Sit-Down Strike, a role-playing adventure where you play the part of a reporter in the late 1930's. Your job is to write a story for the Flint Journal about the Strike. You are given a desk along with primary resources and an interactive timeline. CLICK HERE TO VIEW EDUCATOR MATERIALS FOR THIS STORY

Flint Sit-Down Strike

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Tough Times, Tough Governors, a set of four biographies and a "game show" which assess the students knowledge of these four Governors of Michigan. Each of these men made very tough choices during their terms and applied Core Democratic Values in these cases. CLICK HERE TO VIEW EDUCATOR MATERIALS FOR THIS STORY

Tough Governors

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Interactive Dictionary - Here you'll find our master vocabulary list for our materials. You can view a printable version of the dictionary or a point-and-click Flash version.

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About our materials:

The goal of the proposed Michigan EPIC initiative for the Michigan Department of Education Technology Literacy Challenge Fund Grant Program is to use the power of the Internet and distance learning technologies to provide early and later elementary students, teachers, and parents, access to electronically enhanced primary and secondary civics and economics resources aligned to the Michigan Curriculum Framework, resulting in improved student learning and content proficiency. This initiative will narrow the Electronic technology/aligned content gap.

The purpose of the Michigan EPIC initiative is to address a compelling need identified during the feasibility study phase of the Michigan EPIC project. The need, voiced by hundreds of educators statewide, is for the creation of a free Internet resource dedicated to delivering engaging, dynamic electronic materials crafted for elementary students that incorporate primary and secondary resources, with immediate focus on core democratic values and economics topics as described in the Content Standards.

This project involves the creation of these resources: (status reports are updated frequently and available in our "Developer's Journal")

Early Elementary

Read, Listen & Learn story - (Freeway Story: The Common Good)
Critical Thinking Activity - (Core Democratic Values)
Student Assessments - (contained within activities)
Choose Your Own Adventure - (You Be The Judge)
Student Assessments - (contained within activities)
Biography - (Elizabeth Whitney Williams)
Read, Listen & Learn Story - (Green Gold)
Animated Assessments - (contained within activities)
Interactive Dictionary
Cross Curriculum Web
Search Functions (complete)

Later Elementary

Biographies - (Four Governors)
Student Assessments - (contained within activities)
Elementary Debate Forum - (Flint Strike)
Decision-Making Model - (Flint Strike)
Interactive Dictionary
Cross Curriculum Web
Search Functions (complete)

These materials were made possible by a Technology Literacy Challenge Grant from the Michigan Dept. of Education

Photos from our 4/00 evaluation at Alger Elementary can be found here.