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Developer's Journal:

Status: Week of 11/8/99
Testing begins on You Be The Judge. Green Gold assebmbly. Artwork for The Common Good complete. Assembly beginning.

Status: Week of 10/17/99
Finishing Early Elementary materials. Re-recording audio for You Be The Judge. Green Gold scanning/cleanup continues. Artwork for The Common Good almost complete.

Status: Week of 8/16/99
Most of Early Elementary materials are now written. Audio/voice recording for You Be The Judge continues. Green Gold artwork is complete, with scanning/cleanup started. Artwork for The Common Good begins this week.

Sample Images:

You Be The Judge

Status: Week of 8/30/99
Audio/voice recording for You Be The Judge wrapping up. Internal testing beginning this week. Starting artwork for The Common Good. Also assembling information gathered about the Flint Strike this week.

Status: Week of 8/9/99
Wrapping up writing of Early Elementary materials. Audio/voice recording for You Be The Judge began. The Common Good is researched in Detroit with interview and info gathering. Biographies started.

Status: Week of 8/2/99
Assembly of You Be The Judge continues. The Common Good is to be researched in Detroit next week. Biography subjects chosen. Research for Flint stories continues. The goal of the proposed Michigan EPIC initiative for the Michigan Department of Education Technology Literacy Challenge Fund Grant Program is to use the power of the Internet and distance learning technologies to provide early and later elementary students, teachers, and parents, access to electronically enhanced primary and secondary civics and economics resources aligned to the Michigan Curriculum Framework, resulting in improved student learning and content proficiency. This initiative will narrow the Electronic technology/aligned content gap.

The purpose of the Michigan EPIC initiative is to address a compelling need identified during the feasibility study phase of the Michigan EPIC project. The need, voiced by hundreds of educators state-wide, is for the creation of a free Internet resource dedicated to delivering engaging, dynamic electronic materials crafted for elementary students that incorporate primary and secondary resources, with immediate focus on core democratic values and economics topics as described in the Content Standards.

This project involves the creation of these resources: (current status reports are in development and will be available shortly)

Early Elementary

Read, Listen & Learn story - (Freeway Story: The Common Good)
Critical Thinking Activity
Student Assessment
Choose Your Own Adventure - (You Be The Judge)
Create Your Own Storybook
Student Assessments
Read, Listen & Learn Story - (Green Gold)
Animated Assessments
Interactive Dictionary
Cross Curriculum Web
Search Functions

Later Elementary

Student Assessments
Elementary Debate Forum - (Flint Strike)
Game Show
Decision-Making Model - (Flint Strike)
Interactive Dictionary
Cross Curriculum Web
Search Functions

Final Internal Testing/Revisions